Beautiful wife astrology

But all of us are usually not So fortunate. There are sure Planetary mixture which provides essential clue about Future husband prediction by astrology.

Which planetary combination gives a beautiful wife?

These guidelines are additionally relevant for Future spouse prediction too. There are Four steps in partner astrology Check the seventh House and the seventh Lord.

Check the Darakaraka. Now Lets focus on each level to understand how we will use this system for future partner prediction by way of Date of birth and Time. Lagna or Ascendant is our Physical existence.

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Wife or Life associate are that mirror. Again we have now to do not forget that there may be distinction between what we wish and what we get. Moon is our Mind. So the seventh home from moon is the mirror of our thoughts. So seventh home from Moon will inform us about what our thoughts need or what kind of associate we wish in partner prediction in astrology. So it means we have now to examine the signal of the seventh home, planets posited in seventh home and place of seventh Lord from each Lagna and Rashi for partner prediction in astrology.

beautiful wife astrology

Your seventh home from Lagna is Scorpio which is a martian signal and secretive signal. So you will get a partner who may be secretive, revengeful, quarrelsome and many others. But as your seventh home is having Sagittarius signal, your thoughts all the time need an individual who shall be moral, loyal, upright, non secular, educated and many others.

Your Life associate may be from excellent household, very beneficiant, formidable and many others. But your partner may be dominating at occasions and will also be egoistic. Sun is a dry planet. So its placement in seventh home is just not thought-about Auspicious. If this solar is exalted in Navamsa or Saptamsha, aspected by benefic planet like Jupiter or Moon, you possibly can count on your partner to have elegant persona and excellent nature. But if itthen the darkish facet of Sun like egoistic, sizzling tempered and many others shall be extra outstanding.

You can learn that for extra data. Spouse Prediction If Moon is Placed in your seventh house- your partner may be very a lot emotional, delicate hearted, sentimental and many others. Moon is the queen of the planetary kingdom and its placement in seventh home is excellent. He or she may be very a lot house loving and household oriented individual.

But the issue of this placement is that spouse or husband may be very a lot Moody. As moon has the phenomenon of waxing and waning, equally these individuals temper swings an excessive amount of. Spouse prediction by date of birth when Mars is positioned within the seventh house- your partner may be sizzling mood, head sturdy and aggressive and dynamic in nature.

beautiful wife astrology

He or she shall be very a lot industrious and will love exercise. These individuals may be full of power and they are often excellent in mattress. But If Mars isit exhibits a quarrelsome nature and in some circumstances it additionally offers manglik Dosha. Type of partner in astrology If Jupiter is Placed in seventh house- this can be a Blessing from Lord. It can provide you a partner of excellent Moral character.

He or she may be nicely educated, moral, loyal, non secular in nature. Though your associate could also be essential at time, general its placement to have in Horoscope.Every man wants his wife to be beautiful, attractive, sweet and well-spoken in nature. The beauty and personality of a woman is considered through Moon and Mars. The behavior, nature and qualities of a woman are also analyzed through the position of these planets. Strength and Weakness of Body Planets and signs are responsible for the strength and weakness of the body.

This table will give you the details of the signs, planets and the elements they represent. If the Ascendant is a water sign and a water planet is placed in it your life-partner may be healthy and fleshy.

Predicting Nature and Beauty of The Wife Through Vedic Jyotish

It is true that Pisces is a water sign and Saturn which is a dry planet if located in it and Moon is in Aquarius, Libra and Capricorn signs then changes in health may be seen after marriage. However if the Ascendant and sign both are dry your life-partner may be physically weak or lean. If the Ascendant-lord is with dry or tedious planet your life-partner will be thin and lean. All these topics discussed above are fruitful if the sign is placed alone but if it is placed with a planet then the color of the planet is also incorporated with the Ascendant.

If the Sun is present in the Lagna your life-partner may have a wheatish complexion, If Moon is present your life-partner may be fair and white in complexion. Mars adds pink and red, Venus bright and glowing skin, Presence of Mercury makes your life-partner dusky in color, Presence of Jupiter may give her a light dusky and bright color.

Saturn gives a person dusky complexion but attractive outlook. If Rahu is present your life-partner may have a dusky complexion but attractive features. Navmansh kundali is considered to analyze and make predictions on the beauty of wife. The planet which is in Navmansh-Ascendant also determines the color and complexion of wife. Moon rules the body and personality of wife therefore its position is important to analyze in the birth-chart. The color and complexion of your wife is also influenced by the sign in which Moon is located and other planets who have lordship or aspect the Moonsign.

Planets in the tenth house from the Moonsign must also be analyzed. Skip to content. Previous Post:.We all want Beautiful wife or handsome husband. But all of us are not So lucky.

There are certain Planetary combination which gives important clue about Appearance of spouse in astrology. But predicting about spouse looks or spouse characteristics with Vedic astrology is not an easy task. It requires vast knowledge and experience. I would like to bring some point in front of you which will help you to find answer to queries like how will my husband look like or how will my wife look like with astrology. Here I am going to use a composite method for spouse prediction in astrology.

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If you face any problem, You can take Our Marriage Consultation which will give you all the details about your Spouse.

It is the most important house in Horoscope for Life partner. Planets in the 7th house of Kundli is very important the Appearance of spouse in Astrology. If there is no planet in the 7th house, we need to see 7th Lord. Planets in the 1st house will influence your physical appearance and Planets in the 7th house will influence the Physical appearance, thinking etc of your Life Partner.

Planets that are posited in the 7th house of Navamsa also play a vital role for Prediction of Spouse Appearance. But here we will confine our discussion about the appearance of spouse as per Rashi chart in astrology. So Venus will also play important role in determining if you will get a Beautiful Wife.

Mars and Jupiter is important Planet in a female chart. Previously Mars was considered as Boy friend and Jupiter was considered as Husband. So the importance of Mars has increased. Moreover in Nadi astrology Mars is the Significator of Husband. So the condition of Mars in a female chart will indicate whether you are destined to get a Handsome spouse or not. Planets in the 7th house will have a direct influence on the spouse physical appearance as per Vedic astrology.

When Sun is in the 7th house of your chart, the complexion of the spouse will be wheatish fair. He or she will be of average height. Voice will be very deep and may not be very charming. This will have a good personality. Elegance coupled with Beauty is indicated when Sun is in 7th house.

Now Lets discuss spouse looks from kundali when Moon occupies the 7th house. When Moon is in the 7th house of your chart, spouse will be very good looking, charming and fair. Moon is the queen of the planetary kingdom and its placement in 7th house is very good. Skin will be very silky smooth. Moon is a very good planet for a good Looking Life partner.Navneet Khanna Horoscope Matching 2 Comments.

Beauty is an essential prerequisite for any marriage.

beautiful wife astrology

Men always look for a wife who is tall, fair completion, sexually appealing, attractive eyes and having a sweet smile. Astrology seems to have all the answers, therefore everyone wants to know how to know the beauty of wife through astrology. According to astrology it is very much possible to know the characteristics, personality, features and nature of the wife.

We study the 7 th house, which is the house of spouse and all even signs like Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces, which are also considered as female signs, when falling in the 7 th house tend to be the preferable ascendant for a wife. Those born under the even sign have strong qualities of women making them the preferable sign for wife. They tend to be graceful, beautiful, soft spoken, generous, emotional and courteous.

Gemini and Libra are odd signs yet they do have qualities that are similar to those born under the female sign and can be merged in the above group when reading the horoscope in regard to finding the beauty and nature of the wife.

Females born under the Virgo and Pisces ascendant especially those under the Hasta and Rewati nakshatras or constellation are likely to possess luster and beauty and are able to maintain it without much effort.

They have strong self esteem and consider themselves at par with their male partners. They despite being independent want to be protected and taken care of properly by their husbands. They are sensitive, highly emotional and their face is a mirror of how they feel inside. Females born under the Taurus and Libra ascendant especially those born under the Rohini and Vaisakha nakshatras are good looking, they love things of artistic value and are especially fond of cleanliness. They make sure that wherever they work it may be their office or kitchen at home, the place is never dirty and messed up.

They are great organizers and very talented in managing family finances. They will always try to save money from their monthly budget. As an individual they are much favored as they always keep themselves up-to-date and can be very caring wife and good mother. Females born under the sign of Cancer can be moody and fond of frequent changes, something like their ruling planet the Moon.

They tend to be good looking and have youthful appearance. They tend to be wonderful and caring mothers. Although they can have an unpredictable nature yet they are homely and can adapt easily to family atmosphere. Females born under the sign of Scorpio have a sexy appeal. They have a very well developed body and incredible looks.

Their eyes are deep and attractive. Women born under this ascendant are more showy and can conceal their defects very skillfully. Select Add to Cart button to avail Paid Services. Tags beautiful wife astrology wife kundali. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Navneet is very scientific and logical in his Predictions.

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Open in app. Notification Center. It is innate desire of every male to beget a beautiful and charming wife. But everyone doesn't get wife of his choice.

We have heard since time immemorial that marriages are made in heaven and settled on this earth. It is our destiny that decides about our Spouse. Astrology can give clue in advance about your would be spouse.

In Astrology, 7 th house denotes marriage. For studying effects of any Bhava, Bhava, its lord and karaka should be considered. First of all, it should be decided that which planet influences 7th house most. The influence may be by position, aspect or conjunction PAC.

In Gemini Astrology, Darakaraka planet signifies Spouse. Upapada Pada of 12th house also gives us clue about spouse and quality of marital life. If Upapada is conjunct or aspected by benefic planets or is in sign of benefic then one gets full happiness from wife. If 2nd from Upapada is in benefic sign or aspected by benefics then one gets sober and beautiful wife.

beautiful wife astrology

The above results may be modified if concerned planet is in own house or exaltation. Here Gemini aspects should be considered. Read Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Stories SEE All. Is Dalgona Coffee over-hyped?

Navbharat Times.Planet Venus represents wife or girlfriend in the men chart. In women birth chart Jupiter represent husband and Mars represents boyfriend because women life is different than men life.

Women are more complicated emotionally as compared to men. In society role of men is different than women. Due to this factor women may fall in love with men who is charming, masculine and handsome but these things can not fulfill the necessities of life therefore women marry men who can provide support and security in life.

But for men this is opposite, they only want love from a women therefore for them girlfriend and wife are the same, because of this reason planet Venus rule both girlfriend and wife in a men chart or life.

By looking at the planet Venus position in the men chart we can predict about wife nature. We always attract what we are, not what we want. So a men will get a wife depending on the dignity of Venus in their chart.

Other Venus Articles. Venus and Sun together conjunction Astrology. Venus and Saturn together conjunction Astrology. Venus with Rahu conjunction in Astrology.

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Venus with Ketu conjunction in Astrology. Venus and Mars together Conjunction in Astrology. Venus and Mercury together conjunction in Astrolgy. Venus and Jupiter together conjunction in astrology. Venus and Moon together conjunction in Astrology. Newer Post Older Post Home.There are some astrology planetary combinations which can result in a successful marriage relationship.

If the 7th lord exalts in the Kendra houses, if the Jupiter is placed in the 7th house, if the Arudh lord and Upadad lord are placed at mutual angles, if Jupiter is placed second to the Upadad, if Jupiter and Moon are placed in the 7th house from the Kakamsha, if Venus exalts or is in its own house in any house other than the 7th or if the 7th lord is Venus and is a good combination with the 7th from house in Navamsha, then a happy marriage is guaranteed.

Another thing an astrologer checks is the length the relationship can last up to. This longevity in relationship must especially be long or the union may end in either of the couple becoming a widow. And last but not the least, the physical attraction between both the charts should be strong for a happy married life.

YEAR Relationship with Spouse in Astrology. A happy conjugal relationship with spouse can provide someone happiness like heaven.

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The 7th house is considered the house of marriage, spouse and compatibility. Hence it is checked to determine what kind of spouse a person will have. The placements of different planets give different results.

If the Moon is placed in the 7th house, then the spouse will be sweet spoken and an invert. The placement of the Sun in 7th house, indicates a spouse who is really fond of his or her parents.

The position of Mars in 7th house provides the spouse a bad temperament. If Mercury is placed in 7th house, the spouse may be good in communicative skills.

Beautiful and rich wife/husband in astrology -- Beautiful and rich wife/husband in kundli

Jupiter in 7th house suggests an ideal wife. It also makes her religious. The person will be respectful to everybody and she maintains the house in a proper manner. If Venus presents in the 7th house, the spouse may be on the heavy side, but still she will be very beautiful. This spouse will not prove to be a good spouse. If Saturn in placed in a good position in the 7th house, then the Spouse is pious, if not, then the spouse may have health problems and if afflicted, it suggests a much older spouse.

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