Samsung tv won t scroll right

TV was working fine yesterday I turn it on today and I had an issue with the volume not working on my Samsung remote nor on my Directv remote. So me being the guy I am I tried to figure it out on my own. Googled all possible answers, factory reset my TV. After no positive results I contacted Samsung through Live Chat. We went through the unplug TV for 60 seconds process and that didnt work. He then had me remove my batteries from my Samsung remote and hold the power button for seconds then reinstall batteries and that seemed to work for both my TV remote and my Directv remote and I just did that process with my TV remote and it's been going strong for hours already Hope this helps.

Go to Solution. View solution in original post. This just 're-paired the remote, volume goes between mute and 1, rest of remote appears to work fine. Did you ever get a solution? My remote has been doing the same thing for at least a year now randomly. It will get stuck and I can only adjust the volume between two numbers I have the same problem. I tried taking out batteries from remote for over a minute n still didn't work for me. I have to do this everytime I need to change volume.

None of these solutions work for me long term. It'll fix for a bit and then either later in the day or the next day, volume doesn't function. First time ever using a discussion group but I too have had recent trouble with my remote volume not working on my samsung tv. Only began couple of weeks ago and couldnt use remote for volume control.

Done everything I could find to sort it but to mo avail. Every time I turned tv on, same problem! I thought maybe it was the samsung remote that had given up as dog chewed it, but that was 18 months ago and all other buttons on it worked fine. Purchased a universal remote, recommended for any samsung tv. Seemed to have paired to tv ok but alas the problem has not! Please can you help as it seems that it is an issue for a lot of people and is only with the volume.

I now cannot use my universal remote with my smart tv to add any other devices either as it tells me I have to use the smart remote to do so. No good as I threw it away as I was sure that was faulty and the cause of the problem. Not going to pay to get another smart remote if this is not going to solve the issue. Sign In. Turn on suggestions.If so, you should read this post to know how to solve it. With the development of technology, more and more smart products appear.

Nowadays, if you plan to buy a TV, you probably want to buy a smart TV. What is smart TV? A smart TV applies Internet technology, has an open operating system and an open application platform, and can realize two-way human-computer interaction function.

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It integrates audio-visual, entertainment, data and other functions to meet the diversified and individual needs of users. On the smart TV, you can enjoy the ordinary TV content, web search, Internet TV, video on demand VODdigital music, online news, online video telephony, online games, and other various application services. At the same time, you can install and uninstall application software on smart TV, and enjoy the video and audio content stored on your USB flash drive with a smart TV.

Every smart TV manufacturer is committed to giving viewers a better experience, and Samsung is no exception. Samsung smart TV is a popular smart TV product. It uses Tizen operating system, which is developed by Samsung based on Linux kernel. Tizen system has advantages of no freeze in long-term use and no advertisement. But it also has an obvious defect that it doesn't allow you to install software freely.

But you can still make the best use of its large screen to enjoy the videos or photos on your USB flash drive. Surely, you can check the exact supported Samsung smart TV file systems, Samsung smart TV USB video format, image format, and audio format in its notes and instructions interface. You can refer to the following brief tutorial. The common method is reformatting. You can reformat the USB flash drive on your computer. But before you reformat the USB drive, please back up the content on it in advance.

If the files are few, you can use cut and paste feature in Windows. If there are a huge number of files, you can use copy partition feature of MiniTool Partition Wizard to back up files easily this feature is free when you don't use it to copy disks containing OS.Samsung Smart TVs come with a pre-installed web browser. Depending on the model year or series, the browser may be located on the smart hub home screen, or in the additional pre-installed apps page.

However, the features of the Samsung web browser are limited. You cannot download photos or other content, either, and load times may be slow. Unfortunately, you cannot delete the pre-loaded Samsung Smart TV web browser or download and install an alternative. However, there are some workarounds that allow a different web browser to be used.

You will use the remote control system of those devices to navigate their respective web browsers. Roku offers a few browsers that can be downloaded and installed from its Channel Store. Once installed, they will appear on the home screen labeled as Firefox and Internet Silk. One feature of the Firefox and Silk browsers on a Fire TV device is that, in addition to using the navigation controls on the Fire TV remote, you can also use Alexa commands to search the web.

However, bookmarking specific pages and saving passwords is not available on the Fire TV version of Firefox. Also, although you can view images and content, you cannot download them. The Silk web browser may display one of two screens as shown below. On the left is the Silk browser home page, and on the right is its default Bing search engine.

These options provide flexibility for both accessing content and conducting a general web search. When you close Silk browser, the last website you were viewing will automatically appear the next time you open the browser.

However, just as with Firefox and the built-in Samsung browseryou cannot download images or other content using Silk. In Chrome, go to settings and activate Casting. You can scroll through pages and open them from a single browser tab.

However, if you open or close a tab you will need to disconnect and reconnect Chromecast in order to see the new tab s on your TV screen. In addition to casting the Chrome browser, find out how you can cast everything you can see on your PC to a Samsung TV using Chromecast.

Apple TV does not offer a web browser that can be installed directly, but you can install AirWeb on a compatible iPhone or iPad. Unless you already have an external media streamer, it may not be the best option for getting a web browser on your Samsung TV.

samsung tv won t scroll right

This is because you are paying for a device that provides duplicate access to a lot of the same streaming apps that your Samsung Smart TV may already offer. If you are satisfied with the streaming app selection on your Samsung Smart TV, using another method to get an alternative web browser to work with your TV might be more efficient.

YouTube Not Working on Samsung Smart TV Problems and Solutions

One such option is to plug a PC directly into your television. You can view Web browser search results as well as almost all tasks you can do on your PC on the TV screen.

The benefit of this method is that you can use the browser s you are familiar with as well as perform other PC functions on your TV screen. Any web browser you have installed on your PC, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and others discussed in this guide, will be viewable on your Samsung TV screen.

And you can use the keyboard or mouse you have connected to your PC to navigate the web browser. You may also have the option of viewing the screen on both your PC and the TV at the same time. If you would rather not have to physically connect a media streamer or PC to your TV, a wireless alternative is to use screen mirroring, which is sometimes also referred to as Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct.

Screen mirroring allows you to transmit any browsers, as well as everything else displayed or stored on your PC or smartphone, to your Samsung TV screen. Although its setup varies depending on model year and series. Here's how to set up screen mirroring on a Windows 10 device. Go to Settings on your PC. This will take you to the Add a Device page. The PC will scan for available devices.If we connect to the network, we can use smart TV like Samsung to watch YouTube and other videos online.

Samsung smart televisions have a powerful internet browsing capabilities, and their high definition pictures and clarity of sound make them an ideal internet option.

Two models, unfortunately, no longer have the ability to browse YouTube. These models are the EH and the FH, so check to see which particular unit you have and it is the unsupported models that leads to the YouTube not working on Samsung TV problems. Solution: If you find that you do have the EH or the FH then you will have to use YouTube via another source, such as a laptop or tablet, or use software that can grab the videos and allow you to play them back, such as the free software.

When you have a Samsung smart TV you'll want to use their innovative Smart Hub system again and again. Over time some users may notice that the app begins to freeze or that they are no longer able to access software such as YouTube.

This could result from an overly full memory, or from a hardware update incompatibility. Solution: Simply reset your system to the original settings, free up the hardware for Samsung Smart TV and try again.

Some Samsung smart TV users can access YouTube, only to find that the video doesn't load or stream properly. Instead of seeing the full picture, users only see a small portion as the screen is obscured by two large black rectangles coming from the corners. This can be very frustrating, but it often results from the internet protocol and DNS settings. Don't worry, this is easier to fix than ir sounds. Your DNS settings will be set to automatic, change this to 8.

Smart televisions, just like any other kind of technology, can act erratically from time to time. We all know the favorite maxim of computer technicians, 'switch it off and then back on again'.

Well this can be done with your Samsung TV but it has to be done in a special way. Solution: Reset Samsung Smart Television. To begin with, switch your Samsung television into standby mode.

Press the following buttons in the order specified: Info, Menu, Mute, and then Power. These have to be done quickly, so if nothing happens at this point then try again with a little more speed. This puts your Samsung TV into factory reset mode.

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A service menu will pop up on your screen, select Options and then Reset. At this point the television will switch itself off, so turn it on again and see if YouTube now works.

Since March there has been an issue with the licensing of YouTube on some Samsung smart televisions. This means that you can access other apps and websites, but YouTube itself will remain stubbornly out of reach. Solution: If this happens to you, don't panic, because there is a solution and the best thing of all is that it's free.

The application is simple to use. All you have to do is to download the completely free software, and then type in the YouTube video link that you want to watch into a box called 'Grab It'. The software searches for the video and then downloads it, allowing you to watch it back whenever you want on your Samsung TV or other supported device. One advantage is that you don't have to worry about buffering or sit through annoying adverts, and the other is that you'll be able to watch your favorite videos from YouTube on your Samsung TV.

Then open any YouTube video and you will see a Download button beside the playing window. Click to start the smart wizard for downloading videos from YouTube. Way 2: Or you can directly open any YouTube video and copy its url.

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Learn More. Aimersoft Video Converter Your professional and competitive video converter.Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more!

Not sure how to reset apps through the settings but if you mean have I tried to reset the TV to factory settings then yes. Failing that do a reset on the TV? Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

Search instead for. Did you mean:.

samsung tv won t scroll right

Smart TV - Apps not appearing on scroll bar. TallMan First Poster. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. BTTT Anyone any thoughts? Leg2ion Pathfinder. In response to TallMan. What TV? Have you tried resetting the Apps through the settings? In response to Leg2ion. Not sure if your settings are the same as mine You're a star, thanks.

Thoko Observer. I have a question many apps dony appear in app store do you know what i should do. In response to Thoko. Post Reply.

HDMI Banner Keeps Popping up on Samsung LED60 TV! UGH!

Preview Exit Preview. Additional options Associated Products. You do not have permission to remove this product association. Featured Video. More Videos. Top Liked Authors. User Likes Count.Sun, Apr 10, PM. I had to reset our boxes and reconnect them a few days ago.

samsung tv won t scroll right

I've done everything I can and it won't go off. I turned off Native, that didn't help. Accepted Solution. Official Solution. Along with disabling "Native Resolution", you also want to select only one video output resolution either p or i. See if that helps. Not sure what else to suggest. You might check to ensure you have the latest firmware update on your HDTV.

Or just live with it. Replaced cable to try that and still does it.

Samsung TV 2018 Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

Who knows! Maybe software update by Samsung caused it. Thanks for trying to help!

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I just got direct tv last week. Having the same problem with my Samsung tv. Called Samsung and direct tv. Neither could help. I have another Samsung tv and it doesn't do it on that one. Only on 1 of my Samsung tvs. Did you ever find a solution? It's so annoying! Verify Native is off. TV firmware update if supported. Replace HDMI cable.

You mentioned a reset though. Did you resent the Genie, then the Wireless Video Bridge, then the Mini Genie client making sure that one reset was finished before doing the next in line? If not, I would try that as one last step before contacting Directv as they may need a tech at that point as that is odd that is just started happening.

Native is off. I haven't updated my firmware on the Samsung TV, so I can try that. Also the Samsung rep said I could try to do a complete reset the picture, but I was hesitant to try that. Will keep trying Best to start your own new thread with more details about your equipment and exact troubleshooting you've tried so far. TV Forum.I works fine. However, after adding a new Nintendo Switch, the "input source" message keeps popping up randomly when I'm using the PS4.

I did this and it does not help. There needs to be a simple "disable input auto-switch" feature. My only option now is to unplug my other inputs when I'm not using them! That's unacceptable. If this option isn't added to a firmware update in a week I will post this issue in every social media outlet I can get my fingers on. Gamers should know that this TV is virtually useless if you own multiple consoles.

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Go to Solution. Hei guys! I fixed my problem by taking cord from outlet and holding power button for 60 sec. That is kind of system reset. After that it works fine.

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I hope it will be useful. View solution in original post. How can I correct this problem? You are not alone. Next time you need to buy a TV or any other device keep this in mind if you are considering giving Samsung your money.

At least as far as our social media team is concerned. We have forwarded this over to our engineering team already and have been working with them for a few months now. Below is the most recent information we have received:. The television has an autoo-detect feature, as most of you are well aware, which causes the TV to switch to the source of the Nintendo.

This happens because the Nintendo is only in sleep mode and not fully turned off. This can be fixed by following the below steps:. This is only in regards to the Issue with Nintendo Switch.

I have not heard anything back in regards to the rest of the issue, this is still being looked into.

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